Blueboard is the best way to reward individuals on your team. We allow your company to reward your employees with the top experiences and activities the Bay Area has to offer.

How Does It Work?

Send a Blueboard Reward

Did a salesperson crush quota? Did one of your managers just reach a major project milestone? Reward achievements by sending a Blueboard reward.

Employee Chooses Experience

After receiving the reward, your employee will choose from a group of curated Blueboard experiences on our website.

Employee Has a Blast

Our concierge will handle all of the scheduling and logistics, so you can focus on having a great time.

Why Does Blueboard Work?

Gift Cards and unmemorable compensation are dead.

Unfortunately, most companies insist on rewarding their employees’ achievements with AMEX cards, Visa cards, or small cash bonuses.

Let's be honest. Most rewards suck.

Rewards like gift cards are boring, not memorable, and don’t build an awesome culture or any brand equity with employees.

Blueboard Rewards are better.

We bring your employees a curated selection of the best experiences that your area has to offer.

The Blueboard Advantage

Blueboard Rewards are guaranteed to be memorable and fun. Your company will look great to your employees.

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